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I just got a promotion at work, making me responsible for other staff. It’s a lot more responsibility but it is challeging me in different ways, and it’s fun. It is relaxing most of the time to be able to come home and shed my manager skin (except when Lady and I out of habit try to manage each other or the teens or take charge of the air conditioning guy or the pool guy…lol. it’s gotten so bad we have to spell out who is going to handle what or we over talk each other). If lady gets the promotion she is headed for at work, some more responsibility at home may shift to me. If that’s the case, I will handle it. If she gives me the responsibility of paying bills I will be nervous, but I highly doubt that is going to happen because she’s way better than me at financial stuff – and too much of a control freak to let go of that. Lol!


a football tale

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Shelly paused as she sashayed through the living room on yet another errand for her mistress. First She wanted popcorn, then orange juice to dip her popcorn in, (gross), then a refill, then 3 more errands before Sally finally got to sit down. Looking forward to the night of relaxation ahead, she settled into her chair next to her Mistress. Then, she heard, “What are you doing, slave? You have blogs to write. It’s Thursday night football!! Then when you’re done you may sit at my feet, I may need a footstool. And no, you may not read your book…I have other plans for you.”

*To be continued*


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3 toys that I would like Lady to buy for me:

(Because she just loves electronic things)

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The last two need no explanation. Hehe.


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One of my rules is I have to be naked when possible (except for my feet which must always be covered in warm fuzzy socks. I am beginning to think she has developed a sock fetish). I do like the feeling, although I think it’s going to take a while to stop jumping at every little noise and freaking out when I think a kid is coming through the door.

Being naked makes me feel more like a slave in a lot of ways. I’m more vulnerable, I can’t hide anything. It is annoying to do housework fully naked though, I always get dust/dirt/crap/something spilled on me in places where it doesn’t need to be. And most of the time I start out with socks and end up getting them filthy anyway so…ugh.

Naked is good though. Very, very good.


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Apparently, the answer to “are you ready for some football?” in this house is not “HELL NO”.

That is all.

this vs that

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I am a slave. I am also a wife. The line blurs sometimes between “I have to because I’m a slave” and “I want to because I love you”. Not often, but fetching that 20th glass of tea sometimes makes me mumble under my breath. Or finding her sweatpants for her when they are right. There. Under. Her. Feet just because she wants to see my ass. Sometimes I resent having to do all the chores because we both work…but not often anymore. I used to. But lately I have had a shift in mindset…it is slowly happening. I want to keep the house clean. I want to please her. I want to keep everything running smoothly to make her life easier. As the kids have transitioned to being gone more and more, it’s easier to wrap my head around who I am.

Mostly, though, I want to. Because I love her. Because she’s worth it. And because if I do throw the glass at her head…my ass will pay. 😉

new normal

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There is a lot to adjust to lately. The boy has moved out, started college, and is living with his girlfriend in the house her father bought for her. The princess started her first job at a local fast food place and is learning to drive. She is gone more than she is here, and Lady and I find ourselves home alone more than we have in a loong time. It is bittersweet, but at the same time I am enjoying it.

Adjusting back into slave mode is becoming easier and easier. Aside from the irritation of every slave on earth that has a Master (getting up/stopping what I’m doing/getting up again/stopping what I’m doing to fetch her something. Rinse, repeat.), I am slowly getting back into the rhythm of it. The threat of the belt has me quaking in my boots. Or socks, as it were. Did I mention I hate. Wearing. Socks??? Especially to bed? Because mu feet get hot? Ugh.

I am deep cleaning the house and we are purging. It feels liberating. Trying to get used to The Boy being gone is not easy. It is comforting to know he’s not far away. He will be 18 in a few days…it doesn’t seem possible.

My new normal is ever changing, but I think we are at long last settling down a bit.